Constellation Technologies Limited (the ‘Company’) is pleased to advise that its wholly-owned China subsidiary has been awarded the first commercial contract for its innovative Wetlands Monitoring application that has been developed in-house and is now supported by the Company’s MeridianCT Platform.

The Wetlands monitoring project provides a novel end-to-end IoT solution for remotely and autonomously monitoring vegetation health and growth, fauna activity, water quality and security for 16 micro wetlands areas in the town of Anding in the Beijing Daxing District.

Wetlands areas are often established to support and form part of the water treatment facilities across China particular in less densely populated areas to naturally support the waste water remediation process prior to returning treated water to the natural water courses. To be most effective for this purpose the wetlands areas require active monitoring and management which is traditionally performed through manual on-site observations and sampling.


The CT1 team saw an opportunity to propose an IoT solution utilising video imagery with minimal impact on the monitored environment, and with reduced labour time. It continually captures, processes, analyses and reports on a wide range of environmental factors relevant to managing the security and understanding of, as well as bench-marking, the ecological health and activity of the wetlands areas.

This solution has wide applicability in China where wetlands areas are becoming the main process of rural sewage treatment, and potentially for similar applications globally where sampling and observations of environmental areas are recorded manually.

The SCADA integrated solution provides data feeds to CT1’s MeridianCT Platform which can also pair and subsequently train AI algorithms to yield increasing value from the collected data over time.

The Company has also been awarded a separate smaller SCADA integration project in Anding at a water treatment facility similar to the SCADA integration component of previous MeridianCT projects.

These latest applications highlight the continued market adoption as well as the dynamism of the Company’s proprietary IoT platform to address real-world challenges and produce optimal productive and environmental outcomes.