Our New Gen3 IoT Product Line

Offering rugged, cost effective, low-powered IoT devices that can capture critical data points across a wide range of applications, providing our customers with reliable and flexible solutions that support multiple communication networks and sensor customisation.

CT Gen3 IoT Device

Getting Started is Easy

CT Icons device

Simply turn on our device. Install it near the application you would like to monitor.

CT Icons cloud

The device instantly starts transmitting the data to the MeridianCT cloud solution.

CT Icons mob cloud

The cloud solution provides accurate data reporting, with customisable dashboards, alarms and alerts.

Software Flexibility

Utilising our MeridianCT cloud-based software platform and mobile application, users can enjoy the convenience of an end-to-end IoT data solution to connect, monitor and visualise their data.

CT also offer the build of customised and integrated IoT applications to meet any customer requirements.

API Integration

Alternatively, we offer the flexibility to integrate our Gen3 IoT devices into your own platform via our seamless API service.

Custom IoT Application Dashboard

Key Features

Easy to Install

CT’s IoT Gen 3 Smart Device’s are wireless battery-powered IoT devices, designed for easy install. Simply turn on the device and install it near your application to provide continuous automated monitoring.

Secure & Encrypted

Benefit from CT’s proprietary encryption algorithm and protocols to ensure your data is safe and secure. We take data sovereignty seriously, and only host data within Australian data centres.

Visualisation & Reporting

Dynamic visualisation and reporting platform for desktop and mobile, allowing you to easily share information with key stakeholders, and generate data for any defined time period.

Subscription Model

Accurate cost-effective monitoring at your fingertips with a simple monthly subscription.


Receive near real-time alarms to identify potential issues and take proactive action.

We offer a refreshing approach to collecting data from remote applications.

Speak to one of our staff about a customised sensor solution, and we will provide you access to the equipment and connectivity options required for your application.

  • IoT Devices
  • IoT Gateway(s)
  • For enterprise customers* we offer a hot spares service

  • Unlimited IoT Platform Access
  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited API Data Access

  • Shipping to site

*Enterprise customer offer – 100 devices or more.
If your IoT equipment breaks for any reason, get a hot spare from your storeroom and we automatically send you replacement units.

CT Gen3 Brochure
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Never worry about variable IoT costs again.

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