The CT Construction Industry Digital Twin solution allows constructors to build with flexibility and added safety in mind.

Every construction project requires collaboration, we make it easy.

  • Create models from Revit, Solidworks, CAD software platforms, and 2D diagrams
  • Update 3D models as the design and construction phase evolves
  • Add textures and finishes to bring any model to life
  • Work remotely with teams to make document revisions and share field notes
  • Collaborate with Building Information Management (BIM) tools

Real-Time 3D Safety
& Wearable Technologies

Safety violations are a significant financial risk for the construction industry. Wearables delivering real-time, encrypted sensor data combined with photo-realistic 3D models help to reduce insurance costs by driving down EMR. When an incident occurs, supervisors and owners are immediately notified so they can respond quickly.

  • Monitor staff and asset location with RF tags
  • Generate fall and impact reports
  • Geofence hazardous areas

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