Add real-time data to your 3D models with photo- realistic digital twins and advanced visualisations.

Key Features & Benefits

  • On-site/off-site collaboration with remote experts
  • Track worker locations and generate safety status alerts
  • Create virtual videos of incidents for insurance/ regulatory reporting
  • Execute time and motion studies in

Increasing Safety

  • IoT platform agnostic (including SAP and Ignition)
  • Simplify maintenance, reporting, and triaging
  • Use photo-realistic 3D models as an intuitive industrial IoT user interface
  • Rich collaboration environment with on-screen drawing, chat, and video
  • Augmented Reality (AR)

Decreasing Cost

  • Pull all relevant data sheets and maintenance records directly from your models
  • Add new animations and visualisations to an existing 3D model
  • Display live IoT sensor data and retrieve asset management records with a click
  • Animations include a translucent mode, exploded engineering views, and volumetric heat maps

For more information, please download the brochure.