Real-time water outlet monitoring and workflow management

Xinfeng Water Authority owns and manages the water utility infrastructure in the Xinfeng region, that includes a large network of water discharge points into the region’s main river system.


The Brief

The network of water discharge points is spread across a large, and in places rugged, geographical area. Physical inspection is time consuming and intermittent, as such, issues are not immediately detected. With existing workflows, a field technician needs to inspect the outlet and return to the office to report and submit any maintenance requests. They then need to seek a work approval before going back to site to address the issue.

Xinfeng Water Authority case study brochure
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Our Strategy

CT deployed its MeridianCT (MCT) IoT platform to monitor and manage a network of over 130 water outlets.

Starting by aggregating the client’s siloed operational systems data, which included, water quality stations, weather stations, hydrological stations, flow measurements, CCTV cameras and IoT field equipment data into the MeridianCT platform.

CT then created a customised dashboard with an integrated map visualisation layer.

Xinfeng Water Authority strategy
Xinfeng Water Authority application visual layer

Application & Visualisation Layer

The dashboard visualisation layer provides a single pane view of all assets, operational and IoT data, asset locations and real-time status. Users are also able to view and interact with the CCTV camera network in real-time.

To improve the customer’s workflow, CT then built a smart application layer. The application layer streamlines business workflows by continuously monitoring all new data to ensure water quality parameters are within range; if an error is detected, the system automatically alerts operations, scans for the nearest field technician and generates a work order to carry out an inspection.

Mobile Application

Using the integrated mobile application, the field technician receives a work order including navigation to the concerned outlet. The field technician undertakes the inspection and records their findings, including imagery which is sent back to the operations center in real time.

Based on the inspection information received, maintenance tasks are assigned to the operations and maintenance team, facilitating faster service requests and job turnarounds.

All operational systems, IoT data, work order information and maintenance tasks are stored within the MeridianCT platform and tracked against KPI’s to ensure

xinfeng mobile application


  • Achieved improved water quality outcomes
  • Protected and extended the life of their assets under management

  • Streamlined and reduced administration and maintenance costs

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